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The jury members

Virginie Caudron

Virginie Caudron – FR

President of the international René Carcan jury 2020

Historian of the art of training, Virginie Caudron is engaged in the organization of the artistic mediation of the Museum of Drawing and Original Print for 28 years in Gravelines, developing hospitality audiences at engraving workshops, artist residencies and print editions. She was curator of "Esprit Manga" exhibitions in March 2016. In the summer of 2016, she took over the management of the museum with enthusiasm.

Its objectives are to develop a didactic approach to the history of printmaking, to highlight contemporary creation in the field of printed image and to promote an exceptional fortified site.

Charlotte Massip

Charlotte Massip – FR

Artist born in 1971, trained at the Ecole Supérieure d'Estienne in Paris in 1990, then at the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg in 1991/1994.

Elected in 2012/2013 as a residency recorder at Casa Velásquez of the Académie de France in Madrid, she directed a series of great sacred martyrs.

At first, she made small sizes that became more and more important. They have been softened by the use of watercolor, the engraving enriching incrustations left by traces of fabrics or feathers, thanks to the application of mild varnish.

Geneviève Laplanche

Geneviève Laplanche – CH

Born in 1955 in Geneva, her artistic activity began at the School of Decorative Arts, which allowed her to deal with many techniques (tapestry, mosaic, stage and model decor, molding workshop and engraving). It is in the engraving workshop of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts (HEAD). that she continued her training. She practiced the techniques of lithography, etching, xylogravure, serigraphy and photography, in short all these processes to produce multiples. It is at the Geneva Center for Contemporary Engraving that first impressions, editions and exhibitions have emerged. All these techniques remained the main theme of his artistic career in Geneva; the wood, the point on Plexiglas in single print, or large prints of characters xylographed on Japanese paper, then monochrome prints superimposed lame. And finally, linocuts and digital elements, motion design, dialogue between animated images and printed prints ... His professional commitment made him share the activities of the Cabinet of prints of Geneva during twenty years (documentary preparation for exhibitions inventories and catalogs). As a documentary librarian, she has seen numerous public and private collections, under specific mandates. His recent artistic research is nourished and inspired by documentary techniques, combining business and profession.

Rebekka Baumann

Rebekka Baumann – CH

Graduated in Visual Arts, Visual Arts and Space at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels in 2004, Rebekka Baumann continues to train after a Master in Cultural Sciences at the VUB and follows courses in Engraving, film d'animation, typography and lithography.

Rebekka Baumann lives and works in Belgium and Switzerland as a visual artist. She regularly exhibits her engraving and drawing projects, and in 2012 she receives the Discovery Award from the Art Center at the Rouge-Cloître - Brussels. She has published her drawings in several publications and continues to be interested in the small edition.

Roger Dewint

Roger Dewint – BE

Born in Brussels in 1942

Illustrator, engraver, book illustrator, Roger Dewint is an honorary professor of drawing and engraving at the Brussels Academy and a member of the Libre Académie Picard.

He holds several awards in Belgium, as well as abroad: Canada, United States, France, Spain, Greece, Macedonia.

With more than 60 solo and retrospective exhibitions in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, Mexico and Peru, he participates in some 130 biennials or triennials of engravings around the world.

Roger Dewint is also represented in more than 80 public collections or museums around the world.

Exhibition Catalogue

For each edition, a catalog is produced in order to honor the work of the 25 laureates but also to thank the work of an entire team (members of the jury, members of the non-profit organization, partners, etc.). You can consult the catalog of this edition below.