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Winter Landscape _01

Tree and Forest
I was a student belong to a forest ecology in a university and graduate school. I felt very relax and comfort in a forest. It is a reason I was in the ecology department of the university. And then my subject of a print art turned out tree and forest. There are some art works get us exciting but I myself need some make me calm and relax, just like the feeling I sometimes need to go to a forest. I live in a local city in the western part of Japan. We live by the inland sea and mountain forests near our city, not like a megalopolis such as Tokyo. I created my lithograph works introduced hand craft paper in the back side of tree and  forest . I expect it make an atmosphere of gentle color and texture. Black lines of trunks and branches of trees are inspired by Japanese traditional paintings. I combined my favorite subject with Japanese traditional style. I have reached the style after trials and errors.


Fumio Yamaguchi

●Name: Fumio Yamaguchi
1950 Born in Fukuoka City Japan
1974 Graguated from Utsunomiya Univ. Agriculture Department, Forest Ecology(Major)
1978 Graguated frpm Shimane Univ. Agriculture Master Corse ,Forest Ecology
1978 Teacher Licence of Geography and History
1978~2010 Okayama Univ.of Science High School Teacher
2010~2015 Eisu Gakkan High School Teacher
2016~   NHK Culture Center Fukuyama Teacher
1995 『Wild Birds in a Woods』 Kindaibungeisha
1998 『Olympicoak Still Alive』Kindaibunngeisha
2017 『Helsinki is a Museum of Architectures』Kindle Direct Pub.
1985 Solo Exhibition「Kathmandu」Tenmaya City Gallery Fukuyama
2000 Solo Exhibition 「Shangri-la」Suloga Gallery Okayama
2012 Solo Exhibition 「Water Scape」 Pentax Forum Tokyo
2011~2013 International Photography Awards 18 works
2012 San Francisco Photography Competition
2012~2013 Black&White Spider Photography Awards
2015~2016 Lens Culture Editor Pick
●Graphic Works
  2016 FEI PRINT AWARDS (YOKUHAMA), kyuryudo Prize
2016 10th Onojyo Madokapia Print Biennale
2016 84th Japan Print Art Asociation
2017 13th Hamamatsu City Museum Print Awards
2017 16th Minami Shimabara Seminariyo Contenporary Print Awards , Honorable Mention
2017 85th Japan Print Art Asociation
2018 Solo Exhibition 「Imersion」 Art Space Seul Fukuyama
2018 62nd CWAJ Comtenporary Print Awards(Tokyo)
2019 17th Minami Shimabara Seminariyo Contenporary Print Awards , Honorable Mention
2019 63rd CWAJ Comtenporary Print Awards(Tokyo)
2019 The Second International Print Biennale Yerevan(Armenia)
2019 National Original Print Exhibition 2019(U.K)
2019 Eight International Print Art Triennial - Sofia 2019(Bulgaria)
2019 4th GLOBAL PRINT 2019 DOURO(Porltugal)
●Web site: Website:

Birthdate: 13/11/1950

Nationality: Japan

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