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Anima, il tuo corpo ti anela

dry point and ferrous paint on synthetic glass (250euro)

65 x 35

daniela savini

Daniela Savini was born in Teramo in 1975 and she lives in San Giorgio Bigarello - Mantova.
She obtained her artistic high school diploma at the State Art School of Teramo, a degree in Conservation of Cultural Heritage at the University of Parma and then a Diploma in Archival, Paleography and Diplomacy at the State Archives of Mantova.
After her studies she resumed her natural vocation for making art.
From 2012, after meeting the painter and engraver Angelo Boni, she began practicing engraving.
By affinity with her interests and style, she dedicates only to direct techniques, printing on her own.

She carried out some projects, including:
• "L'Archivio Inciso" (2016) on the State Archive of Mantova - section of the Gonzaga Archive;
• Drypoint for Rolwaling (2016) in collaboration with the Ex-plora Nunaat International Association and some engravings were brought to Nepal in Kathmandu and Beding Temple 3700 m with the Jobo Garu 2017 expedition;
• "Teresian Library. The breath of time" (2018) on the historic Teresian halls;
• "Dal Quotidiano al Nulla" (2019) on genocide and Shoah;
• The drainage system the "Travata" (2019) of the land reclamation and irrigation consortium Territori del Mincio.
Daniela has participated in numerous exhibitions and awards in Italy and abroad.
Prize: - Nel 2016 e 2017 Premio Marchionni - sezione grafica (Villacidro - Sardegna) (Premio mostra itinerante Bologna -Milano- Urbino);
- nel 2018 menzione d'onore al premio Carmen Arozena -Madrid e secondo posto ex equo – menzione di merito alla Biennale Premio Diego Donati – Perugia;
- nel 2019 menzione d'onore al Sint-Niklaas (Belgio) 2019 International bookplates and small printmaking competition;
- nel 2020 selezione Premio René Carcan -Bruxelles, secondo posto Premio Grandi e menzione di merito terzo posto Premio P. D. Donati;
- nel 2021 bronze point - Dry Point International Biennial Uzice - Serbia.

Publications: - "L'Archivio inciso", 2016, Prinp- Editoria d’arte 2.0;
- “Biblioteca Teresiana. Il respiro del tempo”, 2018, Prinp – Editoria d’Arte 2.0;
- “La Travata”, 2020, Youcanprint;
- “A te”, 2020, artist book - Youcanprint:

Birthdate: 31/10/1975

Nationality: Italiana

  • Biblioteca Teresiana.The Breath of Time, Mantova 2018
  • The bread of life, Soncino CR, 2018
  • The Archive engraved, Sacristy of the SS. Trinity - Mantova State Archives, 2016
  • Dry point for Rolwaling project, collaboration with Associazione Ex-plora Nunaat International 2016
  • From everyday to nothing (genocidio e shoah), Mantova 2019

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