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Ben Durant

President of the Espace René Carcan non-profit organization

René Carcan (Brussels, February 25, 1925 - January 19, 1993) was a Belgian etcher and engraver who gained international fame in the ‘80s.

At the end of the eighties, having no descendants, he thought of perpetuating his artistic heritage. Thus was born on January 1, 1990 the René Carcan Foundation, located in his workshop-home, avenue Champ du Roi in Etterbeek. Its primary goal was "the development of the art of engraving" and it will host the biggest names of the 20th century. René died three years later and the Foundation ceased its activities definitively in 2006, losing its name of “Foundation” to become “Espace René Carcan”. In 2012, thanks to its new website, Espace launched the René Carcan International Prize for Engraving, in partnership with the King Baudouin Foundation, thus fulfilling what had always been one of the artist's greatest wishes.

Since its first edition in 2014, the Prize has continued to grow in number and quality, from 80 candidates to 325 (from 5 continents) for the 2020 edition. Today, it is with many pride that we are launching our 5th edition on March 1, 2021. Join us.

Allocated endowment

Four prizes will be awarded after studying 4 works produced over the past 3 years using one of the accepted techniques: intaglio, lithography, linocut, woodcut, serigraphy and monotype. Three prizes will be awarded by an international jury and one by the Internet users.

  • Public Prize

    The works of artists who have passed the selection test will be put to the votes of Internet users. This award is non-endowed.

  • Second Mention

    This prize, endowed with an amount of € 2,000, will be awarded to the third best artist chosen by the International Jury.

  • First Mention - Prize Roger Dewint

    This prize, endowed with an amount of € 3,000, will be awarded to the second best artist chosen by the International Jury.

  • Grand Prix International René Carcan

    This prize, endowed with an amount of € 5,000, will be awarded to the best artist chosen by the International Jury.

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