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Hamster Love

This print is about the time a tiny hamster came into the veterinary clinic where I used to work. I had just learned how to do abdominal scans so I did a scan, which was difficult because the abdomen was so small and the hamster was so tiny. I wanted to make an image about how ridiculously large the scanner was in comparison to the patient, and about how much love and tenderness we have for our furry friends.
This is a two block woodcut which was laser cut from patterns made in lino. It has been printed like a monoprint with lots of selective inking and hand burnishing.

This work is for sale. Price €950

58 x 44 cm

Wuon-Gean Ho

Wuon-Gean Ho was born in Oxford, and graduated with a BA in History of Art from Cambridge University, before taking up a Japanese Government Scholarship in 1998 to study woodblock printmaking in Japan. She later studied MA Printmaking at the Royal College of Art, graduating with a distinction in 2016. She is based in the UK where she works in print, artist’s books and animation. Her current works are part of a three year project of 100 prints, called Diary of a Printmaker, which she started when she was a fellow at the Royal Academy Schools, London.

Birthdate: 22/03/1973

Nationality: United Kingdom


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