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This print was created during the Covid 19 period. With few opportunities to travel around the world, I got on my bike to cycle around Belgium. Alone and camping in the wild, I could still be outside and discover the world.
The images collected during this travel form the series 'Tour of Belgium/Tour de Belgique'. This is the small cycle lane through a dystopian zone in between the river and the old industrial colossus of Charleroi.

11x10 cm

Peter Franssen

One could say that my work derives from the universal human desire to create. Those are big words…
Yet making visual work is not without obligation, it is what I have to do. Creating work to show the images that collect in my head. Images based on my everyday surroundings, which tell their stories with light, shadow, colour and compositions. Beauty is the most important factor, since it bears the possibility to touch other people. Beautiful images that go against all ugliness.
Those are also big words and maybe not even necessary. The viewer can make up her own story. The work can speak for itself.

As a printmaker I have exhibited in various places, got a couple of printmaking prices and made a lot of assignments for individuals and institutions. I have my own printmaking studio in the old city centre of Bergen op Zoom. Besides that I was a printmaking teacher at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and teaches art at a secondary school now.
I am interested and a enthousiast participant of old folkloric festivities such as Carnival and the celibration of Saint Niklas and studies the old art of making masks. I love to travel around on my bike or by foot, camping in the wild and enjoying being outside.

Birthdate: 15/08/1980

Nationality: nederlandse

  • Gallery Gerritse, Middelburg (the Netherlands), 2023
  • Printmaking studio Alkmaar, Alkmaar (the Netherlands), 2023
  • Jacques Gorus gallery, Antwerp (Belgium), 2013, 2016, 2022
  • Gallery Via Strata, Roosendaal (the Netherlands), 2022
  • Museum ’t Oude Slot, Veldhoven (the Netherlands), 2022


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