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la Donna

la Donna is about suggestion, interpretation, fantasy.
The body language shows and let the spectator imagine feelings, stories about this woman looking at, seeking for…


Beatrice Carlson

I am a French visual artist and a fashion designer living in Auckland for the last 13 years.

I have “a genetic fashion disorder” with a great grandmother fine linen embroiderer, 2 grandmothers couturieres…and a fashion design diploma in France.

Stories always take shape like collage of photographs on my computer.

As a visual artist, my main medium is Perspex, it allows me to work in large scale with striking colours.
As a Printmaker I create Solarplate Etching. It is a refine medium, very tactile, close to my feelings for textile.

From 2010, I have been creating wearable pieces of Art entering the WOW Awards, “come-back” to fashion in the making.
Those pieces are in a constant move. They evolve thru the different techniques (modern & traditional) and mediums, corresponding to each other to create a more rich and dense narrative.

Every medium and piece are interactive.
From a WOW garment, I create an Etching.
From a piece, I create an artwork, a print that I use in a WOW garment and vice versa.
Each piece communicates to the other, “talks to me” in a constant smooth personal way.

Up coming:
-December Douro Printmaking Biennial 2018 -Portugal

-November Beatrice Carlson- WOW Retrospective, Depot Artspace Devonport-NZ

-October Artweek- Beatrice Carlson "PERSPEX" Pavilion Architecture, Devonport-NZ

-September World of WearableArt (WOW), Wellington-NZ

Birthdate: 26/06/1961

Nationality: New Zealander

  • Al Serkal Arts District Zayed University, Dubai-United Arab Emirates 2017
  • Planis Hall, JR Sapporo Tower, Sapporo-JAPAN 2017
  • Blikfang Art & Antiques, Auckland NZ 2017
  • Gus Fisher Gallery, Auckland NZ 2016
  • Tama Art University Museum1-33-1 Ochiai, Tama-city, Tokyo-JAPAN 2015


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