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My personal Leg

The engraving has been realized with Drypoint technique. The illustration was inspired by the novel written by Flannery O'Connor titled "Parker's back".
“Another picture,” Sarah Ruth growled. Parker’s knees went hollow under him. He wheeled around and cried, “Look at it! Don’t just say that! Look at “I done looked,” she said.
“Don’t you know who it is?” he cried in anguish.
“No, who is it?” Sarah Ruth said. “It ain’t anybody I know.”
“It’s him,” Parker said. “Him who?” “God!” Parker cried.

36 x 25 cm

margherita paoletti

Birthdate: 24/06/1990

Nationality: italian

  • Libreria Piccoloblu, Rovereto, 2105
  • Galleria 31-uno, Fabriano 2014
  • International Print Center New York, Commedia: new prints Autumn, New York, 2015

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