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Never ending story 3

My work gets a spiritual pleasant sensation by radiating the different kinds of feelings that occur during the process of living at present and desires spurted from the unconsciousness as images. Such series of working action can be a way of managing myself and a process of finding the true self by getting out of the distracting thoughts and fixed ideas that appeared from social action effects by expressing the oppressed emotions extemporarily.

The characteristics shown on works as the expression of emotion are extremely private and show the autobiographic state by approaching the inner language in metaphorical situation and it is how I communicate with the world through the works by unfolding and showing the residual products of the emotions obtained from my private life. Thus I express myself that is transformed into drawn people, animals or other images and express thoughts that are inherent in the consciousness of me. They are usual emotions such as fears, depression, happiness, sadness and others that are experienced by living the present society, but which are images of the inner world that approach as big problems.

Etching, Monotype


YEAR OF BIRTH : 09.August.1973

2003 M.F.A., Sungshin Women's University, Printmaking Dept. Seoul, Korea
1997 B.F.A., Kangwon National University, Art Education Dept. Chuncheon, Korea

2023 The 97th ANNUAL International Competition(Renaissance Graphic Arts Award, The Print Center, Philadelphia, USA)
2022 The 2nd IPC International Mini Print(National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan, Gold Prize)
2021 The 10th Splitgraphic International Graphic Art Biennial(Split, Old City Hall, Croatia, Special Award)
2020 The 1st IPC International Mini Print (National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan, Honorable Prize)
2020 The 10th International Triennial of Small Graphic Forms Vilnius 2020(Vilnius Graphic Art Centrer, Lithuania, Diploma Prize)
2020 Megalo International Print Prize 2020(Kingston Megalo Gallery, Australia, II Prize)
2019 International Exhibition Contest Ural print Triennial 2019 (Russia, Bashkortostan, Diploma Prize)
2019 The International Graphic Art Festival – Uni Graphica 2019(Krasnodar, Russia, Original treatment of the topic; II Prize)
2019 The 5th 'Enter into Art' International Installations(Königswinter, Germany, Excellence Prize )
2017 The 10th Kochi International Triennial Exhibition of Prints(Ino-cho Paper Museum, Japan-Fourth Prize)
2017 The 6th Guanlan International Print Biennial(China, China Printmaking Museum-Guanlan International Print Prize)
2016 The 4th International Juried Print Exhibition(New Grounds Gallery Albuquerque, USA-Winner)
2016 The 9th International Triennial of Small Graphic Forms Vilnius (Vilnius Graphic Art Centrer, Lithuania, II Prize)
2016 The 1st TKO International Miniprint Exhibition(Tokyo→Kyoto→Osaka, Gold Prize)

Group Exhibition (around 200times)

Birthdate: 09/08/1973

Nationality: KOREA

  • 2023 Gold prize commemorative solo exhibition(National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan)
  • 2022 The Stay Healing Park(Gapyeong, Gyeonggdo)
  • 2018 Winner of the 4th International Print Exhibition(Albuquerque, USA)
  • ​2017 Gold prize commemorative solo exhibition(Tokyo, Japan)
  • 2016 Print Art Research Center(Seoul, Korea)


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