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E and O -the Eye and the Object(ive) 1.1

It is the discovery of 'seeing' for the first time.
The time spent upon reading the image grows yet a little more from the transitions of seeing. It comes through as a cycle, from the stages of seeing the image, to the forms within it, and to resume back to seeing the original image. Each of them is a measurement of possible depth of the image. While the eye focuses on one objective form, the rest of the image compensates by blurring away. the eye is a lens preying on the image. The existence of every shape is determined by the viewer’s eyes.

28 x 32 cm

Ji-Yue Deng

Singapore artist born in China.

Birthdate: 19/11/1989

Nationality: Singapore

  • 《黑白插画》, ‘Monochromatic Illustrations’, Printmaking Group exhibition, CCFA Gallery, Beijing, China, 2012
  • “Break/Link”, Group exhibition in CGP London Gallery, United Kingdom, 2016
  • WIP Show, exhibition at Royal College of Art, United Kingdom, 2016
  • “Output”, Group exhibition in CGP London Gallery, United Kingdom, 2017
  • “Super Super ", Group exhibition in Kingsgate Project Space, London, United Kingdom., 2017


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