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The Crying game 5

Otto Dix's series Der Krieg is not only the harshest and most intimate of war images but also extols the possibilities of etching. I have always wanted to test myself like that.

For the last few years we have been surrounded by conflict in the Middle East. With countless refugees, people like you and me,
and endless reporting on the ongoing destruction it is impossible not to be deeply affected by it.
It poses also the searching question of how I myself would behave in such a lawless and fearsome situation.

The Crying game keeps posing this question.
an ongoing portfolio of prints, containing 11 at the moment

38x42 cm

Marcelle Hanselaar

Born in Rotterdam, Holland, Marcelle Hanselaar is one of the most accomplished printmakers working in Britain today. After training at the Royal Academy in The Hague from 1962-64, she went on to hold teaching posts in China and London.

Etching is the art form in which Marcelle Hanselaar has demonstrated an uncommon facility. Like other great practitioners of the medium before her - Goya, Max Beckmann, Max Klinger and indeed her own contemporary Paula Rego - Hanselaar brilliantly exploits the contrast of light and shade that the etching technique makes possible, in order to explore the bleaker, more unsettling facets of the human psyche.

Public collections
British Museum Prints & Drawings Collection, London; V& A Prints & Drawings Collection, London; V&A National Art Library, London; Ashmolean Museum, Oxford; Clifford Chance Art Collection, London; Meermanno Museum, the Hague; The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, London; Richard Harris Collection, US; Swarthmore College, US; Sakimi Art Museum, Okinawa, Japan; Guandong Fine Art Museum, Guandong, China; University of Aberystwyth Print Collection, Wales; Frans Masereel Center, Belgium; New Hall, Cambridge; Clare Hall, Cambridge; University of Arizona, Tucson, US; Iraq National Library, Baghdad; Swarthmore College, US

Birthdate: 23/03/1945

Nationality: Dutch

  • 2015 Cushioning the blow, prints by Marcelle Hanselaar, Clifford Chance Head Office, London
  • 2014 Open secrets, Millennium, St Ives;
  • 2014 Wondrous world of an introvert, De Queeste Art,Watou, Belgium
  • 2013 Walking the Line, Kings Place Gallery, London
  • Auerbach & Hanselaar, Quest 21, Bruxelles, Belgium


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