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Espace René Carcan

The non-profit association 'asbl Espace René Carcan' was created in 1990 by René Carcan (1925-1993). Its main aim is to « develop the art of printmaking ». 

Twenty years after his death, 'the Espace René Carcan', in partnership with the 'King Baudouin Foundation', decided to create the 'René Carcan International Prize for Printmaking' which will take place for the first time in 2014, thus fulfilling the greatest wish of the artist.

  • Ben Durant


    Belgian, born in Lessines in 1952

    Holder of a degree in the History of Art and Archeology, ULB.
    Since 1987 in charge of the Quadri gallery and editions in Brussels.
    Professor at the ISELP and the Institut Royal d’Histoire de l’Art & d’Archéologie in Brussels.
    Art critic, cartoonist, novelist and bibliophile.
    President of the asbl Espace René Carcan since June 2014.

  • Roger Dewint

    Born in Brussels in 1942 - Passed away in Uccle on April 15, 2021

    Designer, engraver and book illustrator, Roger Dewint is an honorary professor of design and engraving at the Brussels Academy and a member of the Free Academy Picard.
    He is the holder of several awards from Belgium, as well as from abroad : Canada, France, Greece, Macedonia, Spain and United States.
    With more than 60 personal and retrospective exhibitions to his credit in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, Mexico and Peru, he has participated in some 130 biennales or triennales of engraving in the world.
    Roger Dewint is also represented in more than 80 public collections or museums in the world.

  • Martine Rotsaert

    Started her career as a primary school teacher. She then re-trained as a secretary and for more than 20 years has been in charge of the administration of an SME with 25 employees.

  • Martine Baplu

    Born in Boitsfort in 1956

    She has a graduate degree in photography. She first worked as a X-ray technician, later as a medical secretary.

  • Georges Van Cauwenbergh

    Member of ROCAD (Royal Chamber of Antiquarians and Art Dealers of Belgium)
    Member of CINOA (International Confederation of Art & Antique dealer Association)
    President of BAS (Brussels Art Square)
    Director of Artimo Fine Arts

  • Anne Swolfs

    Born in Brussels-city on November 28, 1945

    My presence on the board of Espace René Carcan goes back a long time. 1990 was the year I met the artist. My contacts with him and my interest in his work led me in 1993, after his death, to join the C.A. of his Foundation. After a few years of absence, here I am!

  • Victoria Calleja

    Victoria CALLEJA (Vina del Mar / Chile, 1958 °)

    Belgian-Chilean painter, designer, teacher and engraver. Graduated in 1993 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels where she learned aquatint, drypoint and etching from Roger Dewint. Etching studies at La Cambre in 1994.
    Works at the Cabinet des Estampes de la KBR.

  • Oana Ciubotariu

    Oana Ciubotariu-De Wolf (RO / BE - Iasi, 1970 °)

    She completed her studies and began her monumental restoration activity in Bucharest.
    In addition, his work was enriched and diversified through his training in the art and techniques of stained glass and the restoration projects that followed.

    In 1997, she traveled and settled in Belgium. Since then, she has continued her activity of restoring statuary in wood and polychrome plaster.

    Passionate about artistic techniques, she studied printmaking and drawing at the Liedekerke Academy. At the same time, she took part in various exhibitions where she presented her work in soft varnish engraving, linocut and prints.